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Developed by XPower Games

Crazy Eggs is a puzzle game that tests your reflex speed and hand-eye coordination. The goal in your game is to link up dinosaur eggs of the same pattern, and clear all eggs on board within a time limit.

Crazy Eggs is a family game for the household, it is a game for you to pass time, and it is also the best choice for you to challenge your own reflexes. You can play this game together with your family, your kids and your parents, and challenge them to a game of logic, precision and speed!

If you feel like playing the game in a relaxed mood, you can choose the casual mode that has no time-limit. That way, you will be able to think deep and plan out the matching sequence that will result in the highest combo possible.
You can also play the challenge mode to put your reflex speed to test, and see how you perform under the most extreme tests.

You need to choose two eggs with the same pattern, and link them up using not more than 3 straight lines (in order words, not more than 2 line turns), if successful, the two eggs will be cleared. Of course, there should not be any obstacles in the line of path.

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Your adventure will start on a dinosaur island which floats over the sky, and your task is to help the pitiful tyrannosaurus collect dinosaur eggs which he has lost. You only need to click your mouse to link the same two eggs, but please remember their link line is limited to no more than three beelines (i.e. no more than two turings). So that these two eggs could be "cleared"/collected, that' s to say you've helped the pitiful tyrannosaurus get back two eggs. Thanks for your kind heart! So collecting all eggs in the picture within limited time is your work, and smart eye-scan and quick reaction are necessary. You can get higher score award for combo. As levels being unlocked one by one, the comings become more and more difficult. Sometimes, you may be in the trouble, or even in helplessness to handle various obstacles. Luckily, at this time, properties (shuffle, undo, timestop, combo timestop, and so on) could assist you in level clearance. So interesting to be honored different titles by challenging different levels.